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The 43c

The 43c is a visual design shop serving bands, labels, and small businesses. Doors recently reopened for business so get in touch about your next project.

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Read more below about the history of the shop, a few folks we've worked with in the past, and finally, check out a gallery of previous work.

What we do

The 43c partners with people who share a similar grounding and aesthetic. Decades of being in or around the indie, punk, and hardcore scenes has firmly placed DIY in our bloodstream. If you're a band, record label, or small business, the same attention to detail is put into your project as you would find in a larger shop, firm, or agency. Let's talk about what you have in mind.

  • Print design and layout - LPs/CDs, cassettes, postcards, etc.

  • Merch art and design - Clothing, stickers, pinbacks, etc.

  • Website design - design only, we no longer build websites

  • Business or organization consultancy - Talk shop about your ideas

  • Ephemera - Anything that requires a visual or creative eye

Get in touch with your project details—or just to say hi. 

Contact us

Latest project

Designed for

Desolate Sounds Records

Austin, TX



Eastside Suicides



"Streets Got Your Baby" LP (DS-006)

Desolate Sounds' release of the 2003 CD-only self-titled record. 

An abridged history

Founded in Boston circa 2001, The 43c landed its first design projects working with local punk and hardcore bands The Explosion, Reach The Sky, and The Suicide File.

In 2002, Bridge Nine Records reached out to The 43c to redesign their website. However, instead of a one-off project, an offer materialized to join the label. Soon after, Desmond became the label's first employee as New Media Designer, Webmaster, and eventually international distribution rep. 

Because B9 shared space in the Initech office, it was through proximity and personal relationships that Desmond became involved in projects for Doghouse Records and The Kenmore Agency. Throughout those years, The 43c engaged with a variety of bands and labels in or near the hardcore, punk, and indie scene—designing websites, merch, record covers, and show flyers.

In late 2003, Desmond moved to Austin and closed the business to concentrate on a growing career in user experience design. Now, after a 20-year hiatus, The 43c picked up where it left off in Boston, as operations moved to the Philly Metro area.

Selected clients


The Explosion

Reach The Sky

The Suicide File


Say Anything

Rachael Cantu


Strhess Clothing

Labels, etc.
The Kenmore Agency

Life Recording Co.

Second Nature Recordings

ECA Records

Doghouse Records

Bridge Nine Records

picture of Desmond walking

The Boston Years

A gallery of work from the early days of The 43c.

Pardon the quality of some images as they were pulled from long-defunct websites or from archival sources/hard drives.


Images are for visual reference only and are not interactive.

Seller Shot Website
Seller Shot Website
CD Layout for Seller Shot
Panic LP Layout and Poster
Rocky Votolato Website
Rocky Votolato Website
Halifax CD Layout
Halifax CD Layout
Halifax CD Layout
Flyer for Stretch Armstrong and Hope Conspiracy
Tour Laminate for Reach The Sky
Tour Laminate for Reach The Sky
Website for Reach The Sky
Website for Limbeck
Record cover for Say Anything
Record cover for Say Anything
Website for The Kenmore Agency
Website for Gameface
Website for ECA Records
Website for Perfect Victim Records
Website for Rachael Cantu
Website for Rachael Cantu
Banner Ad for The All-American Rejects Tour
Banner Ad for The All-American Rejects Tour
Banner Ad for The All-American Rejects Tour
Banner Ad for Vagrant Records
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