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From freelance to international design firms and all points in between, Desmond has worn many hats over the past 20 years. He is distinctly calm while managing chaos—whether it be people or projects—and is known to be both humorous and thoughtful while making good-looking stuff along the way.

Abstract picture of Desmond
Headshot of Desmond


After nearly 20 years as a visual & user experience designer, Desmond moved into the Design Operations field where he manages programs around people, design practice, and products. Learn more about this career path on Linkedin.



The 43c is a visual design shop serving bands, labels, and small businesses. Though shuttering in 2003, the doors just reopened 20 years later. Read about the past and present of The 43c.

Desmond playing bass


Self-described as an "okay" bassist, Desmond has played in various hardcore & punk bands since the mid-90s. Most of them are also okay. Learn more on his Discogs page.

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