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This site is under construction (in the parlance of the 90's) while Desmond figures out what he's doing with it.


Thoughts on...

Design Operations

After designing products and experiences for nearly 20 years, Design Operations was a natural career move for me. It checks all of the boxes that make me happy as a human who needs to work for a living, allowing me to have an impact on a design team as a whole while keeping me adjacent to the craft.


"Happiness writes white" is a notion that used to apply to my practice of journaling, where writing was a sort of therapy or catharsis. However, now I capture written moments for posterity and for pleasure. In tandem, I am currently working on a collection of fiction loosely based on 'the American childhood.' I hope to share that at some point. 


Meditation, refuge/recovery, and present-time awareness are some signposts along my path to becoming better at human-ing.

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